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UK Based Paranormal Investigators

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society are an experienced group of professional ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts that operate across most parts of the United Kingdom investigating reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energy and all forms of paranormal or supernatural phenomena. The team regularly appear in the media worldwide and are considered to be leading experts in the field of paranormal research and investigation.

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One of the UK's Leading and most respected Paranormal Investigation Teams

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society (GPS) was officially founded in early 2006 by professional paranormal investigator and TV presenter Barri Ghai. Barri has dedicated his life to investigating and researching ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. He is also one of the presenters and lead investigators on the hugely successful paranormal TV series Help! My House is Haunted.

Barri established the GPS team with the intention of bringing likeminded people together, to help provide answers to the paranormal by seeking to gather tangible evidence. The GPS team use the latest in paranormal investigation technology and different methods to carry out private investigations and deliver public paranormal events. 

The GPS team are a well established and professional group of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. The team are experienced investigators and paranormal enthusiasts with many members having been part of the original society since early 2006.

Over the past 15 years The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society has featured in dozens of television programmes across many different channels worldwide, including shows such as Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story, Unexplained Caught on Camera, Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Live, Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Live, Weird or What with William Shatner, and channels that include W, Really Channel, Fuji TV, RTL, ABC news, NBC Universal, The History Channel, Sky Living, The Travel Channel, BBC, ITV plus many more across the world.

GPS are available to carry out private paranormal investigations of homes, businesses and any manor of location where paranormal activity has been reported or experienced. If you need assistance whether that's advice, reassurance, evidence or spiritual cleansing and deliverance, The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society are here to help.

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society
Barri Ghai
Emma Wolsey
Phil Measey
Kate Ray
Martin Allum
Dee Pani
Debbie Rust
Russ Kirk
Mark Williams
Amy Lacombe


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Join GPS and Barri Ghai

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society delivery public ghost hunting events across the UK. Please visit Barri Ghai's official website for details of all forthcoming events and to book your place now. 

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