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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Phil Measey

Lead Investigator GPS

Standing outside this pretty little pub in the quiet high street in Wincanton you wouldn't feel out of place, and on entering the pub it has that warm feeling and a very welcoming atmosphere.

The bar is split into two areas approximately the same size at both ends. It’s only when you go upstairs that the whole atmosphere changes.

Immediately on ascending the stairs to the second floor I felt my breathing change and a feeling of not being alone even though Barri was with me. The whole of the second floor had a totally different feel than downstairs and that didn't change throughout the night’s investigation.

Our first vigils started in the main bar with several EVP sessions... Numerous strange bangs were captured on the recorder but oddly enough no one heard these at the time even though they were clearly recorded.

I along with one of the guests heard a very loud noise behind the bar which was unexplained.

During the EVP sessions we also had some EMF spikes in response to direct questions asked... Maybe this was the child that reportedly haunts the pub or was it another spirit?

A REM-Pod was placed on the stairs where the spirit of a little girl called Emily is supposed to play. This device also went off during the vigils which was very interesting.

Upon moving upstairs into the pool room, we encountered EMF spikes from a device that was placed right in the middle of the pool table. I also heard a clear DVP (Direct Voice Phenomena) from a question asked by Barri "Are you alone?" The voice replied in a gruff tone "No" The REM-Pod again triggered in the stair well.

A drop in temperature was also recorded and some strange knocks and the sound of someone walking around was also reported by a few other guests.

Overall, a very Interesting evening at Uncle Tom's Cabin.


Uncle Tom's Cabin by Sam Bowers (GPS Trainee Investigator) Arriving at Uncle Tom’s cabin, the building with its walls of part natural stone, part render and thatched roof instantly stands out in the high street. Excited for what the evening might hold, I walked down Flingers lane, the small road to the side of Uncle Tom’s, wanting to see if the side of the building when touched gave off any energy. It felt warm, but no crackling energy from the outside. Walking inside and exploring before the evening started, the upstairs felt very different from the main bar areas. Upstairs felt heavy, like the air was filed with tension, downstairs was relaxed, guests were laughing and getting to know each other. Mel shared some history of Uncle Tom’s, talked fondly of regulars passed who still make their presence known and personal spirit experiences. Uncle Tom’s didn’t disappoint, DVP’s, EVP’s, interaction with the REM and a male spirit communicating with us via a human pendulum session upstairs. Definitely worth a second visit.

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