The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society Established By Barri Ghai in 2006

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If you believe you are experiencing a haunting or other paranormal phenomena please do not hesitate to contact us by email at
We aim to respond to all cases as quickly as possible. Alternatively please call the GPS hotline on 07879 233675.


If you are unable to contact us straight away, please leave a message or send us a text, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society offer a professional paranormal investigation service, with a detailed report of our findings. Each case we investigate or advise on is always different, but we agree to abide by your rules and confidentiality at all times.


About GPS

The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society is one of the world’s leading paranormal investigation teams. Barri Ghai founded the Ghostfinder Paranormal Society in early 2006 with the intention of helping more people understand and find answers to the paranormal by attempting to gather tangible evidence.


The GPS team have since featured in dozens of television programmes across many different channels worldwide, including shows such as Ghost Adventures, My Ghost Story, Unexplained Caught on Camera, Celebrity Haunted Hotel, Live, Celebrity Haunted Mansion: Live, Weird or What with William Shatner, and channels that include W, Really Channel, Fuji TV, RTL, ABC news, NBC Universal, The History Channel, Sky Living, The Travel Channel, BBC, ITV plus many more across the world. Over the last decade, the team have worked with some well known faces including Zak Bagans, Chris Fleming, Sandy Lakdar, Jayne Harris, Sally Morgan, Katie Price, Jason Hawes, Jack Osbourne, Simon Webbe, Christine Lampard, Jay Hutton, Georgie Porter, Simon Gregson, Alison Hammond, Joe Swash, Vicky Hope and many many more.


Barri Ghai is one of the presenters on Really Channel's Help! My House is Haunted. The 12 episode show aired in 2018 and starred world renowned psychic medium Chris Fleming, and French paranormal investigator Sandy Lakdar. The series was produced by the creator and Executive Producer of Ghost Adventures, Zak Bagans. All previous episodes can be seen on catch up via the UKTV Play App. Series 2 of Help! my House is Haunted will air on Really Channel this November 2019.










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We do not claim to be Ghostbusters and rid you of your potentially unwanted guests, but we can offer facts, truth, and possible logical explanations in most cases.


The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society conducts technical paranormal investigations of private, commercial and public locations and will attempt to prove or disprove the alleged paranormal activity using only the latest in ghosthunting technology coupled with years of professional experience and research.


If you feel that you are experiencing paranormal activity, and need our advice, guidance or assistance, please e-mail, call or text us now detailing the situation or experience (remember to include a contact name and phone number if sending an email or text) and we will get back to you as soon as possible....We're ready to believe you!


GPS Helpline: 07879 233675

Media Enquiries: 07827 994260



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The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society are an experienced group of professional ghost hunters and paranormal experts that operate across most parts of the United Kingdom investigating reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energy and all forms of paranormal or supernatural phenomena. The team regularly appear in the media worldwide and are considered to be leading experts in the field of paranormal research and investigation.

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Since 2006 The Ghostfinder Paranormal Society has investigated thousands of allegedly haunted properties across the United Kingdom and uncovered real evidence of the paranormal. The team use the latest in ghost-hunting technology designed by some of the great paranormal researchers and investigators across the globe including Bill Chappel, Gary Galka and Chris Fleming.


GPS also deliver public paranormal events to offer you the chance to join us at some of Britain's most haunted locations. To see our forthcoming events follow this link.


Over the past 13 years, the GPS team have stood out as leaders in the field of paranormal research and investigation. Catching some of the clearest and most remarkable EVP's and spirit photographs. Barri Ghai, the Society's founder is considered one of the world's leading paranormal investigators and consultants and appears regularly on television worldwide.


The team are all passionate about what we do, always striving to take investigation to the next level and beyond.


"The human consciousness is not just a state of mind, but a state of matter and exists infinitely within the inter-dimensional universe in various forms." - Barri Ghai